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Welcome to CoasterIcons. This site is devoted to bringing you the best selection of coaster related buddy icons on the web. Click on the menu at the top of the screen to go to a park, or you can submit an icon of your own by e-mailing me. Enjoy!


New Icons - 10/24/02

Made by Dekalb

Made by Dekalb

Made by Dekalb




10/24/02 - Merged all icons into one directory. Added two new icons. 

10/9/02 - Added Random Icons page. Added new icon.

9/15/02 - Added Xcelerator Icon and Knott's page. Go to Park Directory to find the parks. Added link directory. 

9/14/02 - Click on icons to automatically set as your AIM buddy icon. 

9/01/02 - Launched site.